If it has been a while since you went through training, or you are a new credit group member, this is a chance to learn valuable tips, shortcuts as well as an overview of our newer features. This is our second recording in a series of webinars that will cover the Basics of ICE.

Below are the items that are covered in the webinar this session.

1. User Settings: Where ICE users can go to edit their contact information, and even upload a profile picture.

2. Default Settings: This section allows ICE users to customize how they view ICE Credit Reports, decide where to start in ICE, and opt in or out of specific emails.

3. Data Load History: Where the ICE data file contact can come to view companies’ credentials to load a file or view the historical data loaded, verify data has loaded, and check for any issues.

4. My Aging Report: ICE Members use this report to view all past due accounts with additional helpful information provided by ICE. This report is easily exported into an excel to allow you and your department to review past due accounts.

If you have any questions about ICE membership or using the ICE database please contact Katie Postel at kpostel@ICECreditExchange.com or call at 520-274-2710.

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