Tired of sticky notes surrounding your monitor, reminding you to pull a credit report on a new client or review accounts that merit a credit increase?

The ICE watchlist function allows you throw out the paper and set up electronic reminders that flow right into your newsfeed. Whether you need a reminder to monitor several slow paying accounts or review set accounts periodically, you have the flexibility to set a reminder to review those accounts in 15, 30 or 45 days. It’s that simple.

You can add one of your accounts to your watchlist from multiple places in ICE:

  • Directly from the Credit Report
  • From the Account Profile
  • From the Meeting Packet

As you create the watchlist, you may choose to set a reminder date as well as any notes you want to capture related to the account. Once completed, those accounts meeting your specific criteria will flow into your newsfeed. You can also opt to have these reminders sent to your email.

The reality is that we are all busy and sometimes the non-urgent tasks get put on the back burner. The watchlist is a best practices tool ICE members use to make sure key tasks don’t fall off the monitor – or get lost in the shuffle.

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