Did you know the ICE Credit Exchange has two levels of membership – credit reporting and portfolio. Both subscription levels provide access to fresh payment data that cannot be found anywhere else. However, the credit reporting subscription focuses on past performance, while the portfolio subscription uses advanced analytics to look at trends and offer insights into future performance.

Both subscriptions offer access to features such as:

  • Credit reports that include information such as DBAs, A/R snapshot, recent high, inquiries, risk alerts and historical A/R.
  • Watchlists that function as an e-reminder of accounts to revisit.
  • Newsfeed, risk alert, is a factual advisory issued by a member of your credit exchange group about a shared account.
  • My Aging Report that provides an efficient way of pulling credit reports on your past due accounts.

These features are core to helping your credit department efficiently and effectively manage your A/R portfolio. The portfolio subscription takes it one step further and adds a layer of analytics.

  • ICE Score and Trend Graph. A numerical representation of your credit report on a scale of 100. One represents high risk and 100 is low risk of non-payment. The score is then graphed for a five-year trend.
  • Portfolio review. Looks at trends for your entire portfolio or selected subset.
  • Newsfeed, slow pay, score trending. Receive notification when a shared account is either slow paying a competitor or when an account score dramatically drops in a short period of time.
  • ICE Direct. Integration into your credit system allowing you to see information from the Credit Reports.
  • Scores for Internal Scorecard. Receive a batch file to update your database and include in your internal risk calculations.

In today’s fast-moving world, you need your data to work for you. We are pleased that both subscription levels provide you access to data that cannot be found anywhere else as well as provide you with tools to understand that data. The level you choose is up to you and your individual credit department’s needs.

For a free demonstration of how upgrading to a portfolio subscription can help your credit department, contact your ICE support representative today.

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