One of our trusted sources, Blakeley LLP is holding a special webinar on Wednesday, March 25 at 1 p.m. CST.

The coronavirus is leaving severe strains on the market and companies at risk while corporate debt is on the rise at nearly $10 trillion. Supply chains are in disarray as businesses bear the burden from loans and record-breaking lows in the market. The financial crisis will leave the credit team dealing with delinquent accounts, setting the stage for defaults on credit lines. Courts are responding by delaying filings and hearings. We will consider alternative collection strategies such as self-help remedies and group supplier strategies.

In this webcast, the following will be discussed:

  • The Coronavirus and The Economy
  • Global Disruption and Supply Chains
  • Collection Strategies in Light of Coronavirus
  • Self-help remedies such as: converting credit to cash, stopping goods in transit, reclamation
  • Credit team decision:  go-it-alone collection strategy vs. joining a SP:  factors to weigh
  • The shifting allegiance of the insolvent customer: from supplier to lender as a result of lender guaranty
  • What is a SP, how is it formed and how it may create value for members through access to customer financials and payments
  • Industry group members teaming together for SP: group bylaw restrictions and authority to act in unison
  • Legal distinction for the SP in dealing with member past due invoices vs. pending POs
  • The Sherman Act federal antitrust law and its impact on a SP Fiduciary duty of SP to unsecured creditors that are not members
  • The role of an involuntary bankruptcy petition and a SP

Ron Clifford, Esq., Blakeley LLP and Scott Blakeley, Esq., Blakeley LLP will host a webcast of this topic on Wednesday, March 25th, 2020, for 30 minutes. During the webcast, you may post questions, which we will respond to in real time.

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