You have received a credit application, and now the clock is ticking to decide what to do with the potential customer.

Or maybe an existing customer is asking for an increase in their credit line, but unfortunately the potential or existing customer’s address is off, and you are not getting any results when searching.

Here are some helpful tips to find a business.

Tip #1 Search in the Credit Report Module

Using this search engine, you can search across all accounts contributed for the business.

Tip #2 Use your Customer Number or the Street Address when searching for accounts that you do not currently sell to.

When searching for an account you currently sell to, searching by your customer number is a sure-fire way to find your account.

Tip #3 All You Need is One Match

Remember that if your search hits on just one account for that business, you will get the result you are looking for. We know different members sell to the business using DBAs and differing addresses. This engine cuts through that and does the work for you.

Here are pictures to show you the power of the ICE Search Engine.

Tip 1:
Tip 2:

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