How do you use the ICE Credit Exchange platform?

If you’re like many of our members you probably just log-in to pull credit reports, but ICE is so much more than that. You have the opportunity to make your data work for you. It’s as simple as establishing monitors that alert you when something – an account or several – changes.

The first stop when you login to your account should be the “Pulse” tab. This is a series of subtabs where you can set up the monitors, as well as check for specific changes occurring in your portfolio. This section includes:

  • Newsfeed
  • Monitors
  • Slow Pay (Portfolio members only)
  • My Aging (Portfolio members only)

Each subpage provides value to your portfolio, but for now, we’re going to dive deeper into the newsfeed.

The newsfeed is information about your accounts that is specific to you. Working with the ICE support team, you’ll set monitors to populate your newsfeed. This criteria may be adjusted anytime, and the type of information you see is determined by the level of your ICE subscription. The newsfeed updates first thing in the morning as changes are made to accounts. Most members will check their newsfeed daily and others will monitor it weekly. You also may opt to receive an email when new details are added.

Common newsfeed articles may include accounts that …

  • Have gone delinquent for other members of the credit group.
  • Are on your watchlist and have a task that it is due. It can be a simple reminder to examine the line of credit or reach out the customer regarding the account balance.
  • Have exceeded their line of credit.
  • Need your attention in any other manner.

The newsfeed was created to keep your tasks organized and you informed about any changes that negatively impact your accounts receivable portfolio. If you have questions about how to better use the newsfeed, contact the ICE customer care team at

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