Not to make light of this unprecedented time, but your inbox is probably full of emails with how various businesses are dealing with the COVID-19 virus. If your thoughts drift to “just let me do my job!” we are right there with you.

While there are a wide variety of industries that use the ICE solution. Inevitably, some businesses are suspending operations for a few weeks, others must continue operations because of the seasonality or necessity of their products. This is why the ICE Credit Exchange is operating just as it always has.

We understand that “business as usual” is anything but usual. But the credit department function will be even more critical with credit managers needing to pull credit reports, post Risk Alerts and manage the extension of credit more closely than ever before. You will need your ICE Credit Exchange membership more than ever.

So, here’s what we are committed to:

  • Keeping the database running as you would expect. You will be able to upload your data as you always have.
  • Monitoring the changing business environment. For those who participate in credit exchange groups, we understand businesses are implementing travel restrictions. Where appropriate, group leaders are moving to a virtual format. Check your inbox for more information.
  • Keeping our customer care team available for assistance. Have a question? We’re here for you at

This is an uncertain time for all of us, and the ICE Credit Exchange team, as well as our partners NACM Heartland and BARR Credit Services, are here to assist as we can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and concerns.

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