The word unprecedented has been used so many times in the past couple of weeks, it seems a little cliché. However, it is the best word to describe the current business environment.

Whether it is having staff working from home, customers temporarily closing their doors, or any number of other scenarios, you likely are scrambling to make your credit department both responsive and efficient. The ICE Credit Exchange and BARR Credit Services teams are both here to provide additional resources during this chaotic time.


If you are a member of ICE, our ICE customer care teams have access to your customer contact information. This means we are able to help you connect to your customers quickly through email and letters. If you want to communicate information about new hours, reinforce your credit policies, or simply offer reassurances you are open for business, we can help you make this important contact.

If you would like to have someone connect with your customers by phone, the BARR Credit customer support team can help with that.

Demand Letters

You likely had delinquent accounts prior to March 13, when the coronavirus brought the world to a halt. Those accounts still need to be attended to. Through the ICE Service Center, we are prepared to help you get out demand letters in a timely fashion. With a variety of solutions that can be tailored to your individual collection practices.

First Party Collections

Debt collection is simply a part of doing business, but it can be a neglected part of the business. We’re not here to judge, but offer up a solution that ensure the collection process is effective and timely. BARR Credit can act as an extension of your credit department. We appreciate that your relationship with your customer are important, so we act accordingly throughout the collection process so you recover the accounts receivable and maintain a strong customer relationship.

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BARR Credit Services, a third-party collections agency; ICE Credit Services, a comprehensive credit exchange solution; and, NACM Heartland, a trade association for credit professionals, are strategic partners working together for top-level credit department solutions.

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