With an automated letter series, the ICE Service Center is a valuable tool that creates efficiency in the collections process. From gentle 31-day reminders to 10-day demand letters, you choose how the ICE Service Center fits into your collections process.

With your A/R portfolio already added in to the ICE database, taking the step to use the Service Center is simple.

  1. Contact the ICE Support team to set up the parameters to create your eligible accounts list. There are many ways to customize this service to meet the demands of your credit policy. Many members take advantage of the full array of letters: gentle reminder (31+ days), stern (60 days), demand (90+ days). Others chose one or two letters. The amount that triggers a letter can also vary. For example, perhaps you want letters to go out to accounts with balances of $150 and more than 45 days past due. Or, you want demand letters to be sent automatically to accounts with $500 balances that are 90 days past due. You chose the terms – even ones that opt out accounts like the one you know will always pay 10 days late. Additionally, letters can be customized in a variety of ways. The letters can be sent on your letterhead. You can adjust language. This is about what fits your needs — the Service Center is here to be an extension of your credit department
  2. Login to ICE to view your eligibility queue. You can opt to receive an email once you have eligible accounts, otherwise the queue is found under the Service Center tab. Here you can approve the accounts or park individual accounts for 30 days.

If you want to skip the approval step, you can also set up parameters for when your approval isn’t necessary and those letters will be sent automatically.

The Service Center was created to help you can efficiency in your credit department. By automating the letter process, you’ll get your money quicker while spending less on resource to do it.

To get started contact ICEsupport@ICECreditExchange.com.

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